Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life is CRAZYYYYYYYY........................

Enough said right? Christmas, New Years, Hubby working evenings, now to top it off all of my babies are sick! Yes, even the baby. Indiana has bronchitis while Peter is better but still recovering and Wendy has come down with it all as of yesterday. How nice of them to pick this time and this 'thing' to share!!! How many times have I preached, 'you have to share with your brother'????? Do you think they got it? Well, it's not what I would have picked for them to share but they obviously love one another so much that they can't stay out of each others face! HA!

It's late. I'm tired. Going to BED!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

All is Calm....

Well, at least for now. Hubby is working nights......again! Which means I'm home with all the kids and animals by myself. Have I mention I don't do animals? I mean before we had so many kids I really did love my dogs and cat. But now they are just another thing that needs to be fed or let out or told to "BE QUIET!". My friend Happy Mommy and I were talking about this the other day and she brought it to my attention as to why I no longer love my animals the way I used to. Friends are great, when you can't see, they can! Love you lots Happy Mommy! Now, back around the barn. All is calm now, kids are sleeping, dogs are sleeping, somewhere in this house a cat is sleeping. Tonight we had a Christmas Party with the women from my women's Bible study group. This party was for the whole family. Husbands and children. Just me and my kids tonight. It was lots of fun but we missed daddy a lot! We had lots of food and laughs! Lots of laughs about this '30 and under thing'. If you don't know comment and I might explain at a later time. :) It really is funny. Okay, so anyway the husbands competed to see who could say/sing this poem to his wife with the most creativity. Me and another women who's husband had to work, were the judges. One of the fellas sang it to his wife, who by the way is so stinkin' cute, about to have baby any day! Did I mention he was down on one knee, that's right ONE KNEE!!!! Of course, he won! Oh well, Hubby will be glad he wasn't able to make it. :( Although, it would have been nice to see what he would have come up with!

Good Night!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I can't believe out of 3 kids, not ONE looks like ME!!!!!
OH MY GOSH!!! Look at that smile!!!

Look at those blue eyes.......not mine either.
Thanksgiving 2008

Of course, a proud Maw Maw

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best Friends Christmas Pictures

Christmas Eve 2006

Christmas 2007

I must say how cute we are and how much we look alike......Merry Christmas Mum Mum!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Face and Cuddly Kitty

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day of Delivery!

On the way out the door.....of course I had to take pictures before we left. The kids were already in the van waiting. The second pic I look very happy. Can't you tell? There just wasn't any more room left........He got the EVICTION notice!!! Some how my camera didn't take very many labor MIL's camera has all the good ones. This is one of Wendy and me. She was just as hot as I was......down to the tank top.

My doctor finally broke my water at 2:30 pm. I was at a 3-4 and 85%. And 1 1/2 hours later at 4:05 on 10/10/2008 my boy was born! That's me......once I set my mind to something let's not waste any time....let's get it done!

Weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches!!

*my other babies weighed 6lbs 8 oz, 19 i nches and 6lbs 11oz ,20 inches!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Photos

Yesterday was mine and Hubby's anniversary. For this event I like to look back on our wedding pictures. These are some of my favorites. We had a beautiful outside wedding. We were married on the front porch of this hand built log cabin. My sister's husband's grandfather built this house by himself. There was beautiful landscaping and shrubery. And the weather could not have been any better it was a slight overcast with the clouds looking like a layer of lace just above us. A very calm breeze. And the temperature was between 72-75 degrees. No humidity at all. I did get my way and all the men wore light pink shirts with black and pink ties. My father-in-law said he wasn't but he loved me enough to do it anyway........forever before and to this day he has not worn anything pink! I'll have to post some pictures of all the men another day. They all look very comfortable in their masculinity!

Cutting our beautiful cake that had real flowers on it and then I was so thirsty I think I could have drank the whole bottle of champagne. Actually, there is a picture of me carrying around my glass and the bottle later...........honestly, I was thirsty.....not celebrating that finally all the stressful planning of a wedding was not me! And the last........well you know you stand there after the ceremony for what feels like an eternity taking all the family pictures and wedding party pictures. We said this one was more of us and how excited we were........really informal......we are so cool. I think of this picture being the one our grandchildren will laugh at and love that we 'once were cool'!